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So to raise money for a house, my own house, a house I own, i'm trying to sell rocks. These are quality NZ Rocks which are pets. (Not just rocks). ("Your not being sucked in"). If you would like to purchase a Rock from me then click the Paypal Button and deposit $25US dollars US.For breeding purposes two rocks will be sent to the address used in the paypal transaction. Once you've deposited the money u could send me an email to with any further details to /verify your address.

I am now also selling Grass, Dirt, Leaves and Twigs.

Invest in these quality NZ products.

Monday, September 27, 2010

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pet Rocks

So i haven't sold any rocks so far. I haven't posted here in a long time. I haven't really needed to. But yeah I haven't sold any rocks. Rock pets are great amusement. They will keep you entertained for hours. They will just sit there quietly and ponder the true meaning of all life and the universe. He will help you solve your problems. I think. You can yell and scream at your pet rock and he'll take it.

I guess another selling point of these rocks is they are from New Zealand. That makes them amazing rocks and great value for only $25 US dollars for 2 rocks. They are indeed from New Zealand. New Zealand Rocks have the reputation of being the greatest pet rocks of all. Rumored so I hear.

Imagine the possible MacGuyver uses for these rocks. Need to break a window. Smash goes that window. Need to make people laugh? Tell them how much you paid and show them what you got for the money.

But never mind for all enthusiast Rock Collectors out there. Rock Collecters are The people who collect different rocks from all over the world. They are like stamp collectors. I've just invented rock collecting and hoping people from other countries will start selling rocks, and that rock collecting like stamp collecting or coin collecting will take off.

Add a NZ ROck to your collection.

I can't think of any more selling points for these rocks. I'm a poor salesman.

Buy a rock today. This sites been running 2 years and I haven't sold any rocks. So buy a rock.