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So to raise money for a house, my own house, a house I own, i'm trying to sell rocks. These are quality NZ Rocks which are pets. (Not just rocks). ("Your not being sucked in"). If you would like to purchase a Rock from me then click the Paypal Button and deposit $25US dollars US.For breeding purposes two rocks will be sent to the address used in the paypal transaction. Once you've deposited the money u could send me an email to with any further details to /verify your address.

I am now also selling Grass, Dirt, Leaves and Twigs.

Invest in these quality NZ products.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Sell Pet Rocks on the Internet.

First thing you need is some rocks.  Go down to the local river or beach and find a few rocks.  The great thing about selling rocks is you can find them on the ground meaning 100% profit.  Not everyone knows this,   (that you can find them on the ground) some people are willing to spend money on purchasing rocks and then calling them pets, though I haven't actually found one person yet who's willing to spend $25 dollars on a rock I got from the river.  This website has been operating about 5 years now.

The next thing you need to do after obtaining some rocks, you'll need a website to sell them. is free and can look similar to this website or with other templates can be a lot different.  It's very easy to use.  If you can point and click and type u can use it.  

On your website you want to list your warez.  Meaning have photos of all your different products that your offering.  This is where you take photos of your rocks and put the photos up on your brand spanking new website.  Now people will see what your offering.  I'm also offering rocks on this website.  So now your competing with me.

To beat your competitors you'll need an edge or gimmick or hook.  I'm advertising someone else selling rocks on this site so maybe i'm not to bright.  

So you have some rocks and a website with photos of rocks.  What you need now is a way to get money. does the trick.  Setup an account and people can use their credit cards to send you money.  Again I haven't received one donation or sale.  This after 10000 unique hits.  Owell.

Anyhow good luck with your efforts.  You now have a pet rock store.  Maybe you could sell other things like leaves or twigs?  You could have a Pet Leaf or a Pet Twig.  I Now as well sell Leaves and Twigs.

If you want to purchase from me simply deposit your cash into my paypal account by clicking the paypal button and using your credit card.  

You could be the owner of :

2x Pet Rocks $25.  2 leaves cost $12 Dollars.  A twig costs $10.  4x Blade of Grass $8.

Happy shopping.