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So to raise money for a house, my own house, a house I own, i'm trying to sell rocks. These are quality NZ Rocks which are pets. (Not just rocks). ("Your not being sucked in"). If you would like to purchase a Rock from me then click the Paypal Button and deposit $25US dollars US.For breeding purposes two rocks will be sent to the address used in the paypal transaction. Once you've deposited the money u could send me an email to with any further details to /verify your address.

I am now also selling Grass, Dirt, Leaves and Twigs.

Invest in these quality NZ products.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pro Begger

ProBegger is my latest attempt at trying to raise enough money to buy a house. I haven't made much but i've made a little.

So far the addresses I have owned and been through include:

Pro Begger is my latest. Check it out.

Donate and Buy Me A House.